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SketchUp 2017

Shadow Analysis update

Shadow Analysis is now complaint with last version of SketchUp 15.

We are currently working on a new program for analyzing of daylight conditions and design of solar energy installations. It will be ready for testing soon. If you want to take part in our beta test program send us an email to office@deltacodes.pl.

New versions of Shadow Analysis 2013

We have provided two new versions of Shadow Analysis 2013. Basic change is full adjustment our plugin for demands of SketchUp 2013 version. Moreover, we implement new configuration option, which allows to make analysis for time zone or solar time. All versions are available to download in demo version

Shadow Analysis - tool for analyzing daylight conditions

Shadow Analysis is a simple tool for analyzing daylight conditions. Analysis are presented in the form of colorful pictures – difernt colors donote different amount of exposure to sun light. 

Practical usage of insolation analysis in designing process

Using of insolation software for analysis in concept phase let designers for creating more optimized forms. It influence on rising design quality and minimize possible modifications in later stages of implementation. It has also direct impact on saving time and project documentation preparing costs.